Planetary Awakening – 22

Planetary Awakening – 2018 the Year of the Master Number 11

Greetings to the collective and the soul groups.  You are plenty and abundant and many of you are just waking up.  2018 is the year of the Master Number 11.  Master Number 11 is the most psychic and intuitive of all numbers.  Master numbers hold a higher frequency.  Master number 11 is instinctual, charismatic, dynamic, and capable when its sights are set on a concrete goal.

22 is the most powerful number in the planetary worlds.  This Master Number 22 will turn dreams into reality, and make people more pragmatic, ambitious, and disciplined.  There are many dates this year to pay attention to.  1/10, 2/9, 3/8, 4/7, 5/6, 6/5, 7/4, 8/3, 9/2, 10/1. All of these dates correspond to the Master Number 22.

So, what does this really mean to the collective?  On January 10, 2018 the headlines were:

  • In Immigration Victory, Judge Blocks Trump from Ending DACA Program
  • In Reversal, Trump Appears to Endorse Sweeping Immigration Deal
  • Trump Admin Planning to Loosen Restrictions on Use of Nuclear Weapons
  • South Korea’s Moon Jae-in & North Korea’s Kim Jong-un May Meet
  • Steve Bannon Resigns from Breitbart, Amid Public Feud with Trump
  • Feinstein Releases Transcript of Fusion GPS Congressional Interview
  • As Many As 100 Refugees Have Died After Boat Sank Off Libya’s Coast
  • Pakistan: 6 Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack on Police Officers in Quetta
  • Egypt Jails 262 People for 2013 Sit-In Protests Against Morsi’s Ouster
  • Israel Faces Possible ICC Probe over 2014 Assault on Gaza & Expansion of Settlements
  • First Fire, Then Floods: 13 Dead in Mudslides in California
  • Madagascar: 29 Killed and Tens of Thousands Displaced by Cyclone
  • Louisiana Teacher Arrested for Questioning Superintendent Pay Raise in Now-Viral Video
  • Lawmakers to Wear Black to Trump’s 1st State of the Union to Protest Gender Violence

All in a day’s work, eh?  The collective is working OT just trying to keep people from stumbling into the darkest corner of our world.  Gaia is weeping and sick from the nuclear weapons and waste as all of Her natural resources are stripped away.  She is sick over the attacks, weather changes, radiation, people killing people, and our souls are dying. It is snowing in Paris and Alaska has been warm.  An Earthquake hit NY this week.  The California Wildfires have killed many and destroyed so much. Our “President” disgraces our country more and more each day with his shenanigans. Trains are colliding, bombs are going off, and the threat of planetary destruction is near.  The Extreme Right believe G-D is punishing us, rapture is coming and cleansing the planet of evil.  The Far left believe that all we have is being destroyed by those who believe to be in power.  Those in the Middle are still waking up and trying to find balance on both sides.

We are our soul collective.  Those who were brought together to awaken the young and help to ascend the old are wearing thin.  Sleepless nights, dreams, astral travel, lightwork, these are all things we are experiencing as our collective. For almost 30 years, the collective and soul groups have been expending all energy to help heal Gaia, taking the radiation that is destroying her core and fighting to hold on to her natural resources – those which keep us alive.  We have our mission.  We were put here to do just that.  We are the keepers.  We are the repository of knowledge left to us over many lifetimes and existences. Each day our cells wake up and remind us of the tasks ahead and what we have left behind.

Tomorrow is a Master Number 22 day.  What does this day have in store for us?  If you are a dreamer, focus on those dreams and journal them if you can. If you are a healer, remember that all needs to be healed, not just the ones you think might deserve it. If you are a teacher, bring your wisdom and knowledge to the table and share it with people.  We all resonate with similar frequencies within our own soul group.  The Law of Attraction tells us that “like is attracted to like” and it is how we use that attraction for the purpose of the collective.

How will 2018 shape our lives and our collectives?  Sara Wiseman explains this and more on her blog – Sara Wiseman


FORECAST 2018: The Year of Collective Soul

By Sara Wiseman

2018 is the year in which we begin to have an unshakeable awareness of the new paradigm.

This means: 

We aren’t starting anything.

It’s already begun.

The new paradigm is here now.

And we FINALLY understand FOR SURE that things are actually different.

Here’s a few things that are emerging in 2018: 

  1. 2018 is an “11” year. 11 in numerology is a Master number. This number relates to intuition, intuitive opening, spirituality, spiritual awakening and enlightenment,

That gives you an idea of what 2018 is all about, personally and collectively.

The new year calls us to claim our awakening.

  1. 2018 is The Year of the Woman. The #metoo movement achieves tipping point. This means that women aren’t just “demanding” their rights or accusing their predators and bullies. Now, they are suddenly unshakably clear that the equality they have sought has been there all along.

It’s always been there—but women have believed the dominant paradigm that has told women that they were less than. Now, that paradigm has shifted. We see clearly that the old paradigm was wrong, and it’s over. When half of the population wakes up, there is a change in the mainstream reality.

The dominant culture continues to crumble, as it meets resistance in the places it once dominated. At home, where women claim equality with those they are intimate relationship to.   In business leadership, where women step up for equal power and rewards. In human rights, where women rise up and support each other, across all ages, races and cultures. In political leadership, where women, especially those under 40, suddenly look around and say not just #metoo, but #whynotme?

Women start claiming their true power, and the world changes.

  1. 2018 is The Year of Human Rights. Women’s awareness supports the efforts of all other marginalized groups in the U.S. and third world countries.

Genderism, culturalism, nationalism—all of these start to crumble, as collective soul begins to shout “why do we think we’re separate, because we’re not?”

This doesn’t mean racism or other “isms” is over yet. There is a still a great of work to be done, and these concepts are still very new in many countries. But it means that #nomore is the leading energy.

Our collective awareness has increased to the point where a large majority, even those who were on the fence or trying not to be involved, see clearly that racism etc. is an idea we’ve grown past.

  1. Social media opens us to Oneness. Yes, we all know about fake news, trolls and bullies. But if you are hooked into the steady stream of ONENESS that is also flowing through the feeds, you see that there is a very positive energy, a positive and human resistance to the dark that is getting louder and stronger every day.

Choose light. Send light. Stream light. What you focus on– what we focus on—is what arrives into our reality.

  1. We crack the code on darkness. Up until now, we’ve been naive little lambs, but we finally get it! We finally crack the code on how all the bullies and perpetrators and misogynists and narcissists work to throw us into confusion and chaos.

This is on a personal level, such as in your personal relationships, and at the highest political levels, which is obvious. Have you cracked the code yet?

Remember, dark forces seek to control attention. They manipulate by a constant stream of chaos: drama and darkness and one so-called crisis after the next. We finally crack the code, and then we decide to opt out.   The moment we turn away from drama a chaos, our reality changes.

  1. We are called to show up. It is no longer okay to hide out, pretend not to notice, live in the bubble or pull the covers over our head. When you understand Oneness, you understand there is no separation. We are all creating the reality of collective soul.

This is the year to stand up for what is right: inclusion, compassion, support, love. When we do this, the entire collective is lifted.

If this makes you uncomfortable, sit with that feeling and do it anyway.

This is a year you must choose between dark or Light, contraction or expansion. You can’t stand on the sidelines, sitting this one out. The Universe asks you to choose, engage, participate, speak up and support.

Even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

  1. It’s easier to change. The energy of 2018 moves faster. This means we can change faster, if we want to. For example, if you always had trouble losing weight, in 2018 this will be very simple for you. Your belief about yourself has changed, and your body receives this communication at the cellular level.

Old habits are easy to drop in 2018. You simply step into a new understanding of yourself, and your habits shift to fit this new understanding.

  1. Manifesting is simpler. Things happen faster in the new paradigm: you can create faster, you can create on a bigger scale. It’s all just easier.

This is the new energy, the new Flow. Think big this year, and in the years to come. The Universe is listening. Allow yourself to belief in the new reality, because it is here, and all you have to do is step into it.

Much love,



With Ease and Grace/Namaste

Willow Grove


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