Herbarius Pigmentum


Greetings from Lady Lasairfhíona inghean Tuathail (Murigheal O’Seannaig)!

As many of you know, I teach Apothecary medicine in the SCA.  I currently hail from the Barony of Shattered Crystal in Southwest IL.

My experience in herbal medicine started when I was very young and my mother would teach me about different plants and herbs.  Later I studied profusely and absorbed a lot of useful information.  I became a nurse and then worked for a Naturalpath doctor and a Chinese doctor.  This gave me more experience down non-traditional paths using herbs and natural therapies (chelation, ultraviolet blood irradiation, herbal supplements, cupping, reading the tongue, and more!). I also became experienced with using Kinesiology to learn what the patient needed as far as their deficiencies. I am currently Reiki 2 Certified and working on my Reiki Master and Advanced Herbalism certifications.

Now I still practice herbal medicine and medieval gardens – including poison gardens!  I am a Master Herbalist and Kitchen Witch, who will always work with the land and what Mother Nature has given us before going down the chemical route.

My Story

In my own life, I practiced herbal medicine daily.  I have severe autoimmunes that I keep at bay by using herbal medicines as much as possible. I am allergic to antibiotics due to my birth being delayed by a Catholic hospital who refused to do a c-section.  My mother’s water broke on the 24th of Dec and I wasn’t born till the 19th of January.  I was in the hospital off and on for the first few months of my life. An iridology report shows a mass build up of antibiotics in my irises. So, I just don’t take them.

I had breast surgery 2 years ago where my incisions opened up and after visiting a family member in the hospital, I ended up with MRSA and Pseudomonas in my open and raw incisions. For a month they kept trying to treat me with high doses of antibiotics.  I was in the hospital for over 2 weeks and had to do IV therapy at home for an additional two weeks.  They treated the incisions topically with silvadene and bactroban.

Left side incision had a 10.5 cm long opening that was about 5 cm wide.  I also had a vertical opening that was the size of the face of a golf ball.  Right side had an 8 cm long opening with 10 cm of tunneling inside the tissue.

My incisions would not heal and the pain was unbearable. Once the PICC line was out, I finally said screw it.  I stopped all the meds they were giving me.  CVS carries Manuka Honey in tubes and bandages in the pharmacy area. I cleaned the incisions with sterile saline by doing a gravity rinse. Then with a sterile gauze pad, I used straight 100% lavender oil on all of the open areas.  After that, I covered it with the Manuka  Honey and some vitamin E oil.  By then, I couldn’t tape on gauze because the adhesive was taking my skin with it. I would just cover with a sports bra and an ace bandage wrap.

Week one: Tunneling was completely gone on the right side.  You could already see new skin starting to form over the incisions.

Week two: All skin has reformed over the incisions and is completely healed.

I continued with the lavender and the vitamin E oil (Palmers) for a couple of weeks.  This faded the scarring nicely even though I look kind of like Frankenstein sewn together since the incisions opened so wide. I do have some necrotic tissue inside that causes some pain, but everything else was healed with nature!

Surgery – November 26, 2016

Big Pharm: On Big Pharm Chemical Meds from November 26 – January 19. Healing was minimal and added more irritation and further conditions and sensitivity.

Herbal: Switched on Jan 19 and was healed by Feb 1.


Class Handouts and Presentations

I do not like killing trees!  So if you have the link to this site, you are the lucky recipient of my Class Handouts and Presentations!  Feel free to download the documents and print out for your own.

If you need a PDF reader, I recommend Nitro Reader (FREE!)

All downloadable books are open source, free of copyright restrictions. 

Class Files, Handouts, and Power Points

Class File Size Date
Medieval Remedies Medieval Remedies 12 MB 4/5/2017
Herbaruis Apothecaria Healing Properties of Herbs 2.5 MB 5/25/2019
Herbarius Apothecaria Skin – Hair – Lip Balm Recipes 206 KB 5/25/2019
SCA 50 Yr Medieval Apothecary Medicine SCA50 – Medieval Apothecary Medicine 650 KB 6/22/2016
History and Making of Clove oil History and Making of Clove Oil 240 KB 01/06/2017
Balds Leech Book balds-leechbook 949 KB 10/27/2017
USDA Gardening Zone Map See below
Medieval Gardening (Large File) Medieval Gardens 59 MB 10/2/2016
Medieval Apothecary Sciences Medieval Apothecary Sciences 15 MB 3/21/2016
De Simplicibus Medicamentis ex Occidentali India Delatis De Simplicibus 11 MB 5/20/2019