WTF Universe – May 2019

This past holiday weekend seemed to be the end all for those of us who are enlightened. So, let me take a minute to recap all the happenings in my close circle of friends.

First – my wife. We went camping over the long weekend and it was a sloshy, wet, muddy mess. With the mold counts through the roof, it set off her asthma pretty bad. She was using her rescue inhaler quite often because she couldn’t catch her breath. We get home and her breathing becomes worse. I take her to the hospital on Tuesday and come to find out that she had tachyphylaxis (from overuse of her rescue inhaler) and her trachea swelled up almost shut. A day as inpatient in the hospital, a week of breathing treatments, steroids, and antibiotics and she is finally doing a bit better.

Friend 1 – on Wednesday, another friend was admitted to the hospital with severe kidney stones, fever, and chills. Apparently she was just on the border of becoming septic.

Friend 2 – On Thursday, Friend 2 was talking to Friend 1 on the phone while she was on her way to work. She fell down her front steps and has three serious fractures in her ankle.

Friend 3 – On Tuesday, she was sitting outside under the shade of her very tall tree. She said she heard a crack and the tree fell on her. This is her report of her injuries, ” the tree landed on my right should/ back.It catapulted me 4 feet and I landed on the brick flower garden, with my legs landing on the paver base which caused massive abrasions. I almost lost consciousness. But fought to stay awake. I have 4 broken ribs, several compressed bones along my vertebrae, with severe road rashes. I have a partial collapse lung and a broken toe.”

So that is the friend update. Now on to the weather update.

WTF Mother Nature! I know that the current situation with current heads of state have gone and pissed in your corn flakes. I get it. I am very angry too. BUT, and this is a humongous BUT, please do stop taking it out on the innocent people, your children, and their property and homes.

Image result for tornado emoji

13 days of twisters. The Midwest has been torn to shreds. Water spouts in Florida off the coast. Tornado Warnings in NYC! Record flooding all across every river valley and any place that has a natural water source.

An EF4 tornado hit Dayton where my kids and grandson are. Another EF4 hit Kansas the next day.

” As of Friday, the last day of May, the SPC has reported 1,008 tornadoes (preliminary) so far this year.” (Accuweather)

Mother Nature, please remember that your children of light are still here working hard to make things right and to ready the planet for her ascension.

Universe, how are we supposed to do your work when we are broken?

To one and all – my prayer and hope for you this day is:

With ease and grace we will power through all the pain and negativity and always remember this mantra, “I am.” Inhale the positive and blow out all the negative.


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