June Enlightenment and Awakening – the Time is NOW!

With Ease and Grace

Have you been feeling the effects of the ascension symptoms getting stronger? Do you have things happening to you physically that the doctors can’t explain and you need to find the answers to realign your harmony and peace?

Are you finding that your soul groups are becoming more connected? This is the month of manifestations. We have been tested and poked and the universe and our higher selves are pushing us past our boundaries and throwing every obstacle in our path, forcing us to solve every situation.

We are tired, physically ill or broken, but with Ease and Grace, our guides and our soul groups are connecting with us and helping us move forward in our own paths to join together with the paths that are leasing us, if we will just let go of ego and follow.

The new moon on June 3rd was powerful. The whole month of June is powerful! So many messages have been pouring in lately. I feel like my mind is buzzing with information. And with these messages come the purge. This purge is MASSIVE. All of the physical symptoms associated with it has been bringing us down.

It is difficult to remember that our light and our souls are what bring us together. When these dark times make us struggle and fight to stay on top, we need to remember that our ego is what makes things dark. Be conscious of your ego and remember to not play the blame game. We are responsible for our own enlightenment as it is within us always through our cellular memory.

Carl Jung believed that the human psyche was composed of three components: the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious. According to Jung, the ego represents the conscious mind while the personal unconscious contains memories including those that have been suppressed. The collective unconscious is a unique component in that Jung believed that this part of the psyche served as a form of psychological inheritance. It contained all of the knowledge and experiences we share as a species.

Do you know your archetype? Jung believed that with the anima and the animus together created the divine relationship and coupling. By letting go of our ego, we are able to tap in further to our own archetype and to the collective unconscious. We will talk more about the archetypes in another post.

In summary, NOW is the time to let go, put your manifestations out into the universe and to have what you want. BE in the present and remember all of your incarnations. Accept your SOUL GROUP and embrace all they have to offer you. Step away from EGO and put it away in a box. This is the ENLIGHTENMENT time folks and our collective consciousness is going to push until we wake up and remember.


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