Solar Eclipse 2017

Ascension and the Eclipse today!

Greetings children of the light!

First, thank you to all who came out to the class on Saturday! We did some great energy work and talked about how we are changing and what to expect with the shift that is beginning today.

Happy Awakening Day!

This shift is the first great shift since the early 90’s. Since the Age of Aquarius began in the 70’s, humans have entered into a much different enlightened period. What is enlightenment? You are waking up and remembering why you are here and the path you need to be taking. You are functioning with your full potential as a human! There is still much to learn and much more growing to do as you go through the stages of Lightbody (see other post on the 12 stages of Lightbody). We are becoming the soul collective and a group consciousness.
Many of us experienced the last great shift in the 90’s. However, since the 20 year gap (from the 70’s to the 90’s) of enlightenment, We forgot the most important rule –


Those shifts were thrown at us month after month and we started to feel our human bodies wear down. Once we connected with the Ascended Masters and asked for ease and grace, they obliged by giving us a bit of a break for the next 2 decades. This doesn’t mean that we weren’t still experiencing shifts. They just weren’t the wham, bam, thank you ma’am that we experienced back then.

Who are the Ascended Masters –

Jesus, Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Kyron, Confucius, Lord Lanto (Confucius’ historical mentor), Mary (mother of Jesus), Lady Master Nada, Enoch, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, Mother Teresa, and Kuthumi – just to name a few!

So now we are entering into another shift today with the Great American Eclipse! Please remember your mantra – with ease and grace. Put it on post it notes – put it on your phone – add it to your meditations – use it! You will thank me later 😊
Vitamin deficiencies are running rampant. It is very important to take care of your human body during these shifts. Life is about the HUMAN experience. We are still mortal and we can die. Deficiencies we are noticing the most are A, B, C, D, and E (coincidence?!?). I worked with some kinesiology with the class on Saturday and did some energy work. Those that had deficiencies we let known what they need to bump up.

Evolution is a thing but we need to take care of our human self too. We have Human, Astral and Divine experiences (in that order). Try not to get to antsy for the Divine because it will happen when you are ready.

We also talked about the Advanced and Higher Chakras. Most people are under the impression that the body has 7 chakras. As someone pointed out, Reiki points are corresponding with the new chakras! These chakras have always been there but now it is time to wake them up! Some have already gone through the awakening of these newer chakras. Others will begin to see them awaken through this shift. The divine chakras that connect us to the universe and beyond are rising above our crown chakra.

Don’t be afraid of these chakras – they are part of your enlightenment!

Have you noticed that aura photos are showing much larger energy fields? These are the people who are awakening!
So today in light of the eclipse and the shift – be prepared for energy drains, physical ailments, and extreme fatigue! You will be okay though – it is all part of the process! Drink lots of fluids (water) and eat lots of fresh foods. Watch your animal intake as it will muddle up your aura and kundalini! And remember most of all – WITH EASE AND GRACE!

(don’t forget to protect your animals and familiars during the eclipse!)


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