Welcome to Willow Grove!

We are an eclectic ascension teaching group of like-minded individuals who are reaching for enlightenment, atunement and learning. We follow no one particular path but embrace all who are ready to learn how to transform yourself into a light being.

This is not a “Pagan Group” or ritual circle. All faiths are welcome. This is a teaching group only.

As you walk upon your soul journey, you will find those who resonate with the same frequency as you.  This is your soul group.  Not everyone is ready for the awakening that will commence soon.  My desire is to help you with classes, teachings, messages, healing and light.

 As Lightworkers and Indigo Children, we are the core of light. 5th dimensional beings who will help to bring our planet, our Gaia, into her planetary Ascension. There is a lot of work to be done and the shifts that are happening are happening fast.

As always with Ease and Grace, go in Light, Love and Peace!