June Enlightenment and Awakening

Have you been feeling the effects of the ascension symptoms getting stronger? Do you have things happening to you physically that the doctors can’t explain and you need to find the answers to realign your harmony and peace?

Are you finding that your soul groups are becoming more connected? This is the month of manifestations. We have been tested and poked and the universe and our higher selves are pushing us past our boundaries and throwing every obstacle in our path, forcing us to solve every situation.

We are tired, physically ill or broken, but with Ease and Grace, our guides and our soul groups are connecting with us and helping us move forward in our own paths to join together with the paths that are leasing us, if we will just let go of ego and follow.

Join us on June 8th to reconnect with our soul group and to reassemble and reimagine our inner enlightenment. Our soul groups are calling and they are ready to join with some universal healing.

The new moon on June 3rd was powerful. The whole month of June is powerful!

We will get together rain or shine, thanks to our gracious hostess!

Bring food to share and chairs to sit!

Hope to see you there!