May 2019 Energy Update

May 2019 Energy Update

May’s 3 words given to us by Spirit are STILLNESS, TRUST and STRENGTH.

April was all about healing old patterns so we could come back into alignment and balance and feel the Divine love for what is ahead, therefore becoming more confident in our intuition and want we want.

Many of us may have found April’s energies challenging as there was a lot of energy shifts going on individually as well as collectively. Part of this was to prepare us for May and also June’s energies!

Relationships came into the spotlight during April to show us where we needed to cut ties or work on healing the aspects of the relationship that are no longer working for us.

We are breaking free of the old paradigm and if a lot of healing work or big changes have been coming up for you recently this is the reason why!

May’s energies are interesting as I was shown a mix of breakthroughs this month along with some challenges!

The most challenging part of May will be the weather and Earth changes. We are already seeing some severe weather happening across the world, such as Cyclone Kenneth in Mozambique where homes have been destroyed and provision of safe drinking water is becoming a challenge. There has also been powerful storms across the USA, the UK and a strong earthquake in Indonesia to name a few.

I get the sense that there will be a lot more strange weather patterns and earthquakes during May, so please be careful and trust your intuition if you get a feeling you should leave where you are or perhaps postpone a trip. Listening to our gut will help us know where to go and what to do to be safe. One of the key words for May is TRUST, so please trust how you feel.

All of these weather shifts may bring up some worry, fear and anxiety, but they will also help to open hearts around the world with compassion and love for the people and animals this weather impacts.

This may all sound a bit worrying, but our beautiful Mother Earth is shifting and humanity is also impacting the change in our weather and climate, which we all need to be aware of so we can take our own action as to how we help our beautiful planet.

Another challenge that may come up this month, and perhaps into June, is souls leaving the planet as they have completed what they have come here to do. There are big changes taking place for all of us and for some their work is done. For those of us left behind, I know that this can be a very difficult process.

I still miss my Mum every day and she passed over 2 years ago now. To anyone who is going through a loss, please remember that they are now free and are watching over you. I feel and speak to my Mum all the time, which is a great comfort, even though I still miss her physical presence.

Other areas we will see great change is in the political arena and the world as a whole as more truths come to light. Things that have been buried are coming to the surface and may cause tension around the globe. Everything is coming up to be healed as we shift into a new way of being.

The truths that are coming out and the changes that are happening may cause some anger and tension, so be aware as others may be quick to anger this month due to this and also the current energies.

You may already feel anxious due to all the upheaval that is already happening in our world. Know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Fear is coming up for many of us right now, so we can let it go and be free! These are exciting times of change, but not necessarily easy ones!

I am running an event on 22nd May for the Worry Flush attunement channeled by Mariah Windsong to help us let go of our worries, stress and tension more easily. As usual, the event is by donation, just a minimum of £1 to join. You can activate the Worry Flush any time you feel worries surfacing to help you calm and feel more centered. It is great energy to help us, especially with all this change!

Change is a constant part of life and any change may bring up resistance! Pay attention to how you feel this month and notice any resistance that may come up. Our resistance to change isn’t bad, it’s just showing us where we have fear. This helps us understand, acknowledge and surrender this fear, so we can move forward.

Trusting the flow and letting go of control helps us to connect more deeply with Source and our own intuition. We still take action, but instead of coming from a place of fear, we come from a place of love allowing our innate wisdom to lead us forward rather than the fears of our egos!

Even though there may be a few challenges ahead, there is also a wonderful energy coming through that helps us to feel more empowered this month and that will also help us connect more fully with our intuitive abilities and aid our spiritual growth. This month should also feel, in parts, less pressurized in terms of time, so we can give ourselves permission to relax a little and slow down the pace!

The New Moon in Taurus is on 4th May opens the month, which helps us to connect more fully to our intuition and Spirit. Deep insights may be revealed through meditation or when your mind is quiet during this time around the New Moon.

STILLNESS is another key word for this month and around the New Moon is a great time to start getting into the habit of practicing it to set up a foundation for the month! As the pace of life becomes faster, it is so important to take time out to go inwards rather than always focusing on what is happening outside of us.

Spirit want us to take the time this month to find stillness every day, even if it is just for 5 mins! When we are still and the mind is quiet, the body can relax and heal, anxiety and stress leave the body and our answers come in!

The Taurus New Moon is also a wonderful time to reconnect with the earth, her abundance, and beauty that surrounds us. Finding time to appreciate your surroundings or keeping a gratitude journal this month can help you to increase your prosperity.

I am running an event on 15th May to help us with this too! Prosperity Manifestation is an attunement channeled by Linda Colibert. This energy can help to guide you in steps to advance in your work or career. It helps you to see opportunities and to accept inner guidance so you are able to make decisions about creating more income for the highest good. As usual, the event is by donation, just a minimum of £1 to join.

The next big shift in energy comes around the 18th May with the Full Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is synonymous with transformation and spiritual growth, so this Full Moon will be a powerful one! This energy will help us let go and surrender! This is another important time to focus inwards and find stillness.

We are going through a lot of ascension energy right now, which will continue for the rest of 2019 as we prepare for what’s ahead. All of these energy shifts help us to clear our bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) so we can reach a higher state of awareness. So, if ascension symptoms have already been showing up or start to this month, trust and breathe! You have got this and you have the STRENGTH, The final key word of May, to push through!

Spiritual Strength is just like building physical strength, the only difference is that we work on the inside rather than pushing the physical body! As we face struggles and hardships in life, we are forced to dig deeper, seek harder, and trust in the Universe, ourselves, Source and Spirit!

Life is about learning and experiencing new things! When a challenge comes up in our life it actually helps to build our spiritual muscles! We learn and grow from our experiences and the wisdom that we gain can be used to heal ourselves, help others and/or doing things differently next time around!

Each of us has a deep inner strength that shows up when needed. TRUST in your intuition and know you have the STRENGTH to overcome anything that May throws at you and remember that STILLNESS holds the key to helping you unlock the strength, wisdom and intuition that you need!

As it is the start of a brand new month, I thought I would give you a little taster of the Weekly Energy Forecasts I write for members of Blissful Boosts. This is the Weekly Energy Forecast for Mon 29th April to Sun 5th May 2019

The 3 words for this week are: RELAX, REJUVENATE and WISHES

The meaning of relaxation is to become calm and comfortable and reduce tension or anxiety.

Stress is the opposite of relaxation.

Our nervous system has two possibilities – either the sympathetic nervous system is dominant (stress), or the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant (relaxation).

But what happens when you live in a society where your body is always under stress?

Such as, if you live in a city with lots of traffic; lots of people in a hurry; noise, air, food and water pollution creating toxins (stress) in the body; constant bombardment of the senses by media and advertising; being on a mobile phone all day.

The body is permanently in a state of stress, as the sympathetic nervous system is always being stimulated, which is one of the main reasons why so many people are ill, depressed, and unhappy.

Our attention and energy are most often directed outwards. It goes out through all of our senses into the world around us. It is attracted to other people, sounds, advertising, media… all of which are competing for our attention, 24 hours a day…

So, to relax means to break this cycle of constant bombardment of the senses!! When we relax, we regain control of our own energy and can focus our attention inward rather than outward.

We have to consciously relax and take time to really come back to ourselves, allowing our body and mind to slow down.

Proper relaxation does NOT mean watching a movie; reading a book; having a beer or glass of wine; going out with friends!

All of these things are actually stimulating, even if they are fun and enjoyable, which is still a good thing to be doing. However, these activities still stimulate our senses and don’t help us to relax in a deep way.

For real relaxation, silence is needed. So that our hearing is allowed to relax, and the muscles of our throat, vocal chords, tongue, and mouth can relax. Closing the eyes is also beneficial, so that our mind can stop processing visual information.

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Each weekly forecast also includes a Goddess Oracle card for the week, and which crystals can help you through the energies too! On the 8th May there is a Goddess Light Attunement Event, which is FREE for ALL MEMBERS! Check out the Spiritual Library, Goddess Temple and Healer’s Toolkit too!

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Thank you so much for supporting this blog. I am very grateful.

Wishing you a blissful May.


Sarah x


May 2019 Energy Update

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