Lord Maitreya Download July 2017

Lord Maitreya Download – July 10, 2017

August 2017 – Total Solar Eclipse and Annual World Conference on Illumination

Greetings Lightworkers of Earth! A message from the Collective and Lord Maitreya, Ascended Master of Light
Many of you have been going through trials and tribulations that you have come to feel you are at your end. Rest easy lightworkers, your work has not been put aside by us.
Some of you are not understanding why this is happening. Many of you are feeling like you have been isolated and that your world is crumbling. Pain is happening as your bodies prepare for the massive shift. You are not alone my children. This shift is a worldly shift that is centered around the Total Solar Eclipse that is happening in August 2017.

In 2017, due to the incredible influxes of Light we have all been experiencing these Full Moons have blessed the Earth with higher frequencies of Light than Humanity has ever been able to receive. The Divine Intent of this greatly accelerated influx of Light is to prepare Humanity and all Life on this planet at a cellular level for the shift of vibration that will take place when the patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance from the Realms of Cause are encoded onto the fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential in the Mental and Emotional Strata of Earth. This global event will occur August 12-17, 2017, during the 31st Annual World Congress on Illumination. Following that conference is the Total Solar Eclipse.

In the meantime, Humanity and the Earth will experience many more accelerations of vibration in preparation for this unprecedented opportunity. The Light from the three Full Moons will build in momentum and be expanded during the June 21st Solstice. This Light will continue to build in momentum and be monumentally enhanced by the powerful Lunar and Solar Eclipses that will embrace the Earth and ALL her Life during the 31st Annual WCI. The Lunar Eclipse will take place August 7th and an extremely powerful Solar Eclipse will take place on August 21st permanently sealing the patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance in the core of purity in every particle and wave of Life that is Ascending on Planet Earth.

These shifts will be hard – I am not going to sugarcoat it for you. You will feel pain, loss, and the feeling of giving up. My children stay with the light! Stop this game of separation and embrace the shift! I see you fighting with the Light and letting the dark overshadow you. This cannot be. You are the CHILDREN OF LIGHT!

Let go of the Fear. Remind your Light that you require this shift with ease and grace always. I am with you my children as you prepare for Ascension. We have never left you. Some of you are newly awakened. Many of you have been on this path since the last shift. You are a 5-D being! It is your responsibility to walk in the Light and to assist others as they are awakening.

Lighworkers and Indigos, I remind you that you must prepare your bodies and your souls for this shift. I have seen you struggling and need you to understand that you are wrapped in Light always and that you belong where you are opening yourself to that which is beyond the 3rd dimension. The time is NOW.

Mother Earth needs you now. The radiation is killing her and killing you. Pull away from the hate and find the Love and Light within you. You will require more hydration now. You will need to watch the foods you put into your bodies. At night, you will feel the shifts getting stronger. You will feel tired. You will feel more pain. I implore you to eat more fresh foods. DO NOT POISON YOUR BODIES! As Children of the Light you are already drawing out the radiation from the EARTH. Cleanse your BODY and eat clean foods. Stay away from eating animals and animal products as they have been POISONING your AURAS!

We are moving into a new Photon Belt, my children. This is causing the excessive heat and disturbances in your vibrational fields. Expect the Unexpected my children! This is the year of the Light! This is the year of your Soul purpose. YOU ARE READY! Love, Light and Consciousness is here and you just need to let go of the FEAR and let it in. Remaining grounded and centered is of utmost importance. You MUST keep yourself aligned with the Light. This shift will feel overwhelming. Your reality and your consciousness will change vibrations. You will SEE more clearly.

My children WAKE UP! Allow the relationship with your creator to be magnified and synthesize the Love and Light within you. Find your clarity. Do not fight it! You are a powerful being who can move mountains in the consciousness of humanity. Thus you can release anything that no longer serves from the consciousness of humanity which is influencing all with the power of your mind, heart and soul working in unison.

The eclipse will signify the beginning of an end my Children! Time is drawing near for you to BE and not wonder what is to be. For those of you who are lucky enough to experience the eclipse in full totality, embrace the dark of the SUN because when the light is back on the Earth, you will AWAKEN! My children, do not dismay! This is the Light calling to you! It is time to step up! Humans are killing each other and pulling the dark. It is time to evolve into your true selves!

YOU are the COLLECTIVE my children. Embrace each other and YOUR gifts. Stop the SEPARATION. Help to ease the pain of OTHERS. Remember the Akasha teachings and remind YOURSELF of her love:


“This is the lifetime I have been dying to live!”
“I say YES to Life!”
“I give my True Self permission to come forth and be the new Presence that is acting in my life.”
“Every activity in my life has higher purpose.”
“God alone governs this mind, body, and feelings!”
“I remain harmonious and peaceful at all times.”
“I decree that the purpose of my life be fulfilled.”
“My Beloved I AM, Mother Akasha, come forth and fulfill your Divine Desires through this outer life. Open doors for me. Just give me the opportunity. Thy Will be done!”
“Today, is my adorable Presence within me and above me getting enough of my loving attention in thought, feeling, and spoken word that opens the way for It to come forth?”

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